My Goodbye Letter to an Old Friend…

Dear Old Friend, I have missed you terribly. There are days when I miss being able to call you and hear your voice. I often reminisce on our friendship and how that journey started. You, this cool poetic guy who made weird jokes and read anime and me, a girl longing to find her identity, […]

My Endometriosis Journey…

“Your daughter has Endometriosis.” The day I found out that I had my disorder was a life altering moment. I had gotten my period at 12 and for the first year it was pretty normal. But as I got older in age, it became extremely aggressive. I would bleed for weeks, my legs would go […]


Welcome to my blog, Black Women Strong. I am so blessed and honored to share my experiences with you all in hopes that you learn something from my life. I am completely new to this journey, but I promise it is the best thing to happen to me and stick around for the ride of […]

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